Content security and protection

Aware that the security and protection of Contents published on the Website are essential for Companies and Colleagues using the Wetsite, the Editor offers the following guarantees:
  • the Colleagues can access, on the Website, solely those Profiles and Contents published by other Colleagues of their Company. The Colleagues of another Company and any other third parties do not have access to such information;
  • solely the Editor's technical staff may sporadically access such information, for the sole purpose of ensuring proper maintenance of the Website;
  • for accessing the Contents of his/her Company and to contribute to same, the Colleague must absolutely possess a valid email address attributed to same by the Company;
  • the Administrators may, at any time, verify that their Company Colleagues possess a valid email address and may, if need be, prohibit a Colleague who no longer has a valid email address from accessing the Website ;
  • any information transmitted by the Company or its Colleagues to the Editor is not transmitted to any third parties, save in the case of legal or judiciary obligation;
  • Colleagues login to the Website through a secure Internet connection (https).
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